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"one of my trusted when it comes to plant based food. i love and support their advocacy, accomodating owner! keep it up! cheers to endless transaction."
- Ycon, long-time customer

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🎄 Fruit Cake (Holiday Cake) 🎄

Capri Island Bakery
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Delivering the Christmas spirit early with this vegan fruit cake made by Capri Island Cafe!

Each loaf is LOADED with:
Sultana Raisins
Vegan brandy
Flax Meal
Goji Berries
Golden Raisins
Dried Apricots

No wonder it weighs a whopping 485g each 🤯😍
It's also cured for 2 weeks giving this Fruit Cake an enjoyable 🥃 brandy infused flavor.

Great for:
🎉 Christmas parties
🎁 Gifting
😋 Holiday handa
🎄 Or just a holiday themed snack

485 grams
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Bagnet (GF*)

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Get the Cosmic experience with their frozen plant-based bagnet!

🌿 Vegan
🌿 Gluten-free
🌿 No Onion, No Garlic

Frozen, 600g

Cooking Instructions:
Slice while still slightly frozen. Fry until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Use as a meat replacement in your favorite dishes!

Storage: 3 weeks in the freezer
Ingredients: soy-based protein, gluten-free flour, vegan seasonings
The product itself is gluten-free but may share facilities or equipment with products with gluten

Business for good

We donate a portion of our sales. In 2020:
🐶 We donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation to help them rescue dogs from the dog meat trade;
🐱 Had stray cats neutered with our partner Kapon NCE Cats;
🐷 Sponsored Charlotte, a pig living in Philippine Animal Rescue Team's (PART) shelter;
🙋 And donated to help build houses for typhoon victims through Habilin Org.

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