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Cooking and Baking Essentials

Cooking and Baking Essentials

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Who we are

Berde Eats is the passion project of mom and daughter, Megan and Marison. It's me, Megan, writing this! 👋

My mom and I started Berde Eats around 2017, a year or so after we went vegan. There was literally no vegan store in our city and nearby areas at the time. (Vegans weren't so spoiled back then!) 😥 We had to prepare our grocery list way in advance, spend $$$ for delivery fees, and forget satisfying cravings—ordering from Manila shops took too long and costly.

We wondered how many people out there were having the same problems, and how we can help.

Then came Berde! 🌿

We started with 5 products with no intention to go big. We just wanted to help make delivery fees less for others in our area.

But after consistently selling out, we kept expanding and expanding. Fast forward to today, we have 200+ products and we're continuously growing!

Today, I'm in charge of marketing while mom is the queen of operations.

Together, we're making the dream work—for us, our customers, our local partners, our environment, and the animals. 💚

So, yeah, that's us. Nice to meet you! Welcome to our baby—Berde Eats!


Business for good

We donate a portion of our sales. In 2020:
🐶 We donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation to help them rescue dogs from the dog meat trade;
🐱 Had stray cats neutered with our partner Kapon NCE Cats;
🐷 Sponsored Charlotte, a pig living in Philippine Animal Rescue Team's (PART) shelter;
🙋 And donated to help build houses for typhoon victims through Habilin Org.


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